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2020 seems the right year to talk about full transparency. Let’s call it 20/20!

Too many times, we as an industry, think we can hide information to get our phones to ring, or get people to set an appointment at our model homes or sales offices, but with our industry secrets come a devastating downside—elimination.

We’re in a digital age, you don’t need anyone to convince you of that. You have Amazon Prime, you’ve shopped for a car on a “Build a Car” website, you’ve ordered something online and been upsold a package or accessories on the same page, because “others who bought this, also bought” or read reviews. And you’re doing so without searching multiple sites to find answers. The companies doing it right are giving you the elephant on one page, and letting you eat it one bite at a time, on any device, at any time of day, the way you, the consumer, would like to consume the information. This creates a trust, that the company being researched has nothing to hide.

There are tremendous side benefits to a “transparent” mentality in home building. Eliminating the “what else are they not telling me” objection in buying a home is a tremendous help in the sales process. It also keeps your company from the elimination I am speaking of. There’s no report that will tell you the sales you could have had, if… if you’d put hours of operation on your site, if you’d put square footage on your site, and if you’d let folks pick options, structural and lifestyle, to begin to take ownership of your floor plan.

In 2020 (20/20) don’t let the “If” get in the way of marketing and sales. Give buyers the information they want on your website and on their devices, at any time of day, and in their own way. Because if they can’t find the answers in your digital journey, they’ll find it somewhere else.… leading to—elimination.

About the author…

Chad BriaChad Bria started in the internet world before AOL sent you 4 CDs a week, and was just a chat room on a 14,400 baud dial up modem. Learning from a programmer once a week, while maintaining a call center position, Chad was able to learn not just how to build and replace computer hardware, but how to effectively use the web. Over time, allowing SEO consulting to play a part in his development, many of those clients using the same strategies Chad laid out, 10 years later.

Aggressively learning everything he could since then, has allowed him to consult with clients on marketing and tech ideas, which typically save them time and money. He’s consulted with clients as large as Builder 100 clients and franchisors, to small remodelers.

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