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According to Google's Security Network, Postini, 94% of all email sent through servers is considered spam and there are roughly 250 billion messages sent daily throughout the world! It's no wonder that large ISPs are taking the approach that mass mail senders are guilty until proven innocent.

Lasso works diligently to ensure that we have the functionality and tools required for our clients to create and deliver successful email marketing campaigns. In addition to the services Lasso provides to improve deliverability (e.g. domain authentication, email throttling, hard bounce suppression, etc.), last fall we reached out to each of the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to begin participation in their Complaint Feedback Loop programs. We have signed up with the following ISPs: AOL, Comcast, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

What is a Complaint Feedback Loop?
When a user receives an email that in their opinion is either unsolicited or unnecessary, they have the option of hitting the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of that email or hitting the Junk/Spam button provided by their ISP in their email application. For years, end users have been told not to trust email unsubscribe links, so many users hit the Junk/Spam button as a way of unsubscribing. Once the user hits the Junk/Spam button, information is relayed back to the ISP, who will then forward that email details to Lasso. These returned emails are referred to as complaints.Once Lasso receives these complaint emails, we then Opt-Out the Registrant from the project from which they received the mass mail. Since October of 2008, we have manually Opted-Out over 18,000 Registrants across all of our clients' projects. Based on the overall volume of email sent, this number is actually fairly small as a percentage but many of the ISPs have a very low tolerance level when it comes to complaints. For example, AOL has an enhanced white list that has strict restrictions. Senders must keep complaints very low, as low as one complaint per 3,000 recipients and they must maintain this rate, without exception for a period of 30 days. To remain listed, senders must maintain this rate. If they exceed it only once, they are off the list and will not be added back until they have once again remained below the threshold for at least 30 days. Senders can not apply to be on this list.

Starting this month, Lasso has automated the process and updates are provided in each of the Registrants' History and in the Audit Logs.

What are the advantages of the Complaint Feedback Loop?

  • ISP – by providing this feedback to Lasso, they are assured that Lasso will Opt-Out the user and therefore their user will no longer be receiving unwanted emails from that project. Therefore, over time, they improve their end-user satisfaction levels and reduce the number of unsolicited emails.
  • Lasso Clients – by reducing the number of Complaints over time, we improve the overall deliverability for all of our clients' mass mails.

Here are some results that you might find of interest:

Lasso Complaint Percentage

As you can see from the results in October of last year, we've made significant progress in reducing the number of spam complaints with AOL, Comcast, and Yahoo.Although we've not seen an appreciable improvement with Hotmail, we can however show that we've seen significant improvement in email being delivered to Hotmail users' inboxes. Hotmail provides an additional level of insight via their Smart Data Network Services web-based application, which provides a daily report on Lasso's deliverability. This daily report lists the number of emails sent, the percentage of complaints, and the number of trap hits. They also, provide a ‘scoring' system that is based on a color coded system incorporating three colors: red, yellow, and green, where the emails sent on that day from that IP address:

  • RED – the emails are being delivered to the end-users' Junk box.
  • YELLOW – the emails are either delivered to the end-  users' Junk box or their Inbox (depends on the mailing history).
  • GREEN – the emails are being delivered to the end-users' Inbox.

Lasso recently introduced a second IP address from which to send mass mail. We did this to help improve deliverability. The two IP addresses are:

  • Primary IP Address – this is the bulk of our clients' projects and is used specifically for those projects that have domain authentication in place.
  • Secondary IP Address – this a limited subset of our clients' projects that are not domain authenticated and/or for those client's that are not following email best practices.

We're quite pleased to show you the following results for our Primary IP Address:

Lasso Hotmail Stats

We only activated the Secondary IP Address last month, and not surprisingly the results are 100% red. The results for our Primary IP Address are showing tremendous improvement, and we hope to continue improving over the next few months.

Improving email deliverability may mean that you're not sending to the same huge, dated list from five years ago, but you will find better overall results and a happier, more engaged prospect when you send to those who are truly interested in learning more about your new home projects.

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