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In our most recent episode of Lasso Live, we spoke with Angela McKay, Lasso’s VP of Client Experience, to learn five ways that you can make CRM adoption easier. We know that getting a sales team to use a new system can be challenging. These five steps have been proven to make CRM adoption a smoother experience and more effective. Watch the video and read more below:

1) Know Your Priorities

Once everyone in your company has a common vision, you can relate it back to the purpose of business systems.

2) Identify a CRM Champion

Identify one person in the company who not only knows and understands CRM and technology, but who can advocate for it internally.

3) Culture Shift

Learn the difference between the “I Can’t” and “I Won’t” mindsets, and how to address each.

4) Integrate CRM with Other Business Systems

Streamline processes, improve efficiencies and reduce repetitive data entry for your team. (Learn more about the Lasso API.)

5) Understand the Importance of Training

Not just initial training, but meaningful, ongoing training will help your team continue to use and benefit from CRM. Don’t be afraid to start over when necessary.

For more information about implementing CRM, download the Lasso guide: 7 Steps to Rapid CRM Success.

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