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On Thursday, May 24th we answered your questions live about the new Lasso API! In the most recent episode of Lasso Live on FacebookTolga Canatan, Lasso’s VP of Client Services, discussed what an API is and how home builders and developers are using it. Watch the video below:

Lasso Live: API Q&A

Join us for a special #LassoLive on Thursday, May 24th with Lasso's VP of Client Services, Tolga Canatan! We'll be discussing Lasso's new API – what it is, what clients can do with it, and why it's important. If you have any questions about what an API does, comment here and we'll be sure to answer them live!

Posted by Lasso CRM on Thursday, May 24, 2018


Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

1) What exactly is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it allows two applications to talk to one another. Each time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone, are you using an API.

2) What is the benefit of an API for new home sales companies?

An API allows your sales team to have a faster and more productive workflow by connecting your internal systems, such as accounting, construction management, and contract management. Prospect and purchaser data can be passed back and forth automatically so there is no need to manually enter the same data into two systems, and it will be in sync going forward. It allows your sales team to focus on the important task of selling.

3) A select few clients have been using the API in beta. How are they using it?

One of our clients has been using the API to connect Lasso to the front-end of the sales process. They created a multi-part registration form on their website. Website visitors enter a minimal amount of information in the initial form, and then progressively enter more information as they take additional actions on the website. This lets visitors provide information at their own pace, as they start to feel more comfortable with the brand.

Another example is from a client capturing what we call “significant events” in Lasso. There are significant events that happen in other systems, such as a purchaser signing a contract. You can capture that event automatically in Lasso via the API.

4) What are the possibilities with an API?

The possibilities are endless. An API allows two applications to talk to each other, so anything or anywhere in your organization that you would like to facilitate a workflow or enhance an existing one, you can use the API to make that happen.

This also means Lasso can be your information hub, no matter how many systems or applications you use to manage your business.

5) Pre-Built Integrations

A key benefit of the API is that it enables Lasso to offer pre-built integrations with other software providers. The first of these partnerships is with AtlasRTXan A.I. (artificial intelligence) chatbot that works alongside your sales team to create continuous engagement with your leads via text, web chat or Facebook Messenger. It creates real-time conversations that move seamlessly from the chatbot to humans. Chatbots can enhance the homebuyer experience in the searching, shopping, buying process.

All of those automated conversations happening via text, chat and Messenger are captured in Lasso as history. Your sales rep or OSC will be up to speed when they are available to step in and take over the conversation.

For more information about Lasso’s API you can read this blog post or contact us at

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