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We were excited to host our second episode of Lasso Live on May 10th! Our special guests were Kevin Oakley of Do You Convert and Lasso’s own Dave Betcher. We discussed how new home marketers can use CRM to improve their campaign strategy and drive more engagement.

We talk often about how CRM facilitates the sales process, but there are some really great benefits to marketers as well. In fact, CRM is where sales and marketing come together to understand lead source and quality, improve communication, and convert more prospects to buyers.

In this episode of Lasso Live, we covered 5 important steps in the new home marketer’s workflow, including:

1) Lead Capture

Why it’s important and what consumers today expect when they complete an online form, including the power of an automatically triggered sales process.

2) Website Analytics

How to use website analytics to measure the health of your database, and how to leverage real-time web visit notifications to drive more engagement.

3) Email Marketing

The power of list building, how to get your sales team to enter complete information into the CRM, and why plain-text emails sometimes trump “marketing” emails.

4) Email Analytics

Key metrics a marketer should look for when reviewing mass mail success (including one that may surprise you), plus, what to do with the data from email analytics.

5) The Big Picture

Suggestions on how to understand and leverage all the data CRM collects about your leads, and how to work with the sales team to find home buyer gold in your database.

Watch the full Lasso Live episode below:

5 Ways to Master Your Marketing with CRM

We were thrilled to welcome Kevin Oakley to the Lasso Live series! On May 10th Kevin joined us to discuss "5 Ways to Master Your Marketing with CRM." We'll take you through a new home marketer's workflow and discuss how to improve your campaigns using the data in your CRM. Please join us!

Posted by Lasso CRM on Thursday, May 10, 2018

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