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We were thrilled to host our very first Facebook Live session last week! Our goal with the Lasso Live series is to share best practices in CRM and lead management as it relates to new home sales and marketing. We’ll host a new episode every few weeks with different guests and topics.

For our first episode, “5 Ways to Make Your Follow-Up Stand Out,” Lasso’s Sara Williams shared her personal best practices for getting prospects to respond and engage. You can watch the 15-minute recording below:

Here are Sara’s 5 ways to make your follow-up stand out:

1) Be Yourself

Use your own voice to sound conversational and be more inviting in a phone call, voicemail, or email. When we sound too much like telemarketers, people run for the hills.

When I leave a voicemail, I say, “Hey there, Thais, this is Sara from Lasso…” then leave my message.
I’ll start an email with “Hi Thais,” rather than, “Dear Ms. Cuffy.” I always end an email with, “Have a great day!” (I make it sound like me and not my marketing department.)

If you are relaxed, it invites your prospects, customers and co-workers to feel relaxed as well.

2) Be Quick

The early bird gets the worm. A Harvard Business Review study showed that companies that responded to an online lead within one hour were 7x more likely to get a reply. In the new home industry, 89 percent of builders respond to an online lead between 1-24 hours, if at all (2016 Online Lead Follow-Up Survey). Just by following up fast, you are already ahead of the competition.

Quick and effective follow-up could win you an appointment and sale. The first one to follow up is the first to build rapport and trust. If a prospect already scheduled an appointment with your competitor, they may not schedule with you.

3) Set TRUE Expectations

If you promise you will get back with someone via phone or email, please do it! Set appropriate and realistic expectations for prospects, customers and co-workers. Don’t overcommit yourself if you are busy. Let the person know when to expect to hear from you, so you don’t leave them guessing or wondering if you forgot about them. “I am tied up most of today, I will give you a call in the morning” is a great response (as long as you call in the morning!).

If you owe someone information after an appointment, let them know when you can realistically send it. The goal is to do what you say you are going to do because it builds trust.

4) Switch It Up

I use a variety of follow-up tools like phone, email, video email, and sometimes text (when appropriate). My favorite is the call/email combo. If I don’t get a response to a phone call, I’ll leave a voicemail and mention that they can text me, call me, or check their inbox. This gives the prospect, customer or co-worker options that they feel most comfortable with.

5) Ask Questions

The goal of follow-up is to gain insight, information, an answer or engagement. A lot of times we dump information into our follow-up. Don’t forget to ask open-ended questions or ask the question you really need answers for. I end my emails with, “Looking forward to hearing from you!” If you ask questions, they’ll understand that it’s their turn to respond and answer.

Bonus Tip: Add Value

Add value by providing hard-to-find information, a community update, or send a heartfelt compliment or congratulations.

Sending content about your builder, community, floor plans, model homes and local area also adds value. Be sure that the people on the receiving end care about the information you are sending.

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