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We are thrilled to partner with AtlasRTX, an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot solution for home builders, to create one of Lasso’s first pre-built software integrations! AtlasRTX works alongside your human teams to create an amazing customer experience 24/7, in 100+ languages, via text, messaging and web chat. Now with a simple two-way set-up, you can push Lasso registrant information to  AtlasRTX, and automatically record all prospect chatbot communication directly in Lasso

We asked the team at AtlasRTX a few questions about their product, including how it works and why it’s relevant for home builders.

What is AtlasRTX?

AtlasRTX combines AI chatbots with live humans to create real-time, engaging experiences, 24/7, in any language, across multiple channels including SMS, Facebook Messenger, and web chat.

How does it work?

Our AI chatbot solution for home builders works alongside human marketing, sales, construction and warranty teams to make sure the homebuyer journey is compelling and consistent.

It starts by leveraging the communication methods customers prefer—text, messaging and web chat. Half of home buyers prefer texting to phone calls, yet only 15 percent of agents do it. ( Ninety-eight percent of text messages are read within two minutes of receipt, compared to the 20 percent of marketing and sales email messages that are ever read. Our chatbot solution sees response rates of 60-80 percent with real-time feedback.

atlasRTX phone imageThe effectiveness of these channels enables home builders to reach homebuyers at drastically higher rates. They can capture quick, relevant survey data that tells them how they’re doing, every step along the way. This includes quantitative scoring data for measurement, along with qualitative data, to provide insights into those scores. Plus, sales teams can clearly see and prioritize interested buyers and create cross-sell opportunities for buyers who might be a better fit for another community, based on what they’ve expressed.

AtlasRTX then adds a layer of on-demand responsiveness and multilingual capabilities, using AI chatbots. Now, home builders can go beyond soliciting feedback from buyers to enabling them to ask questions and get immediate answers, using natural language, any time of the day or night, in the language that is most comfortable for them.

We believe chatbots and humans work better together. Our AI chatbots know how to escalate when they don’t know the answer, and a human team member can jump in via Live Chat, at any time, to help. Both the AI chatbot responses and live human responses appear as one seamless conversation to the buyer.

Why is AI technology relevant for the new home industry?

We believe A.I. and related technologies can provide a more personal—and human—homebuyer experience. A.I creates a flexible, immediate, immersive buying experience that speeds sales and drives advocacy. Today’s buyers expect to interact with A.I. at some point in the home buying process, and want home builders to take advantage of technology to improve that process.

Consumers expect responsiveness and on-demand answers, wherever and whenever they need them. Letting A.I. do the heavy lifting of working around the clock and responding to simple requests frees your human teams up to focus on the high touch, high value relationship building activities, at which humans are best.

What’s the benefit for a home builder or developer using the platform?

At the simplest level, we provide home builders consistent measurement around and visibility into what buyers really think about their experience, while providing home buyers a modern, convenient path to purchase. Putting these two pieces together leads to 50 percent shorter contact-to-contract times, more homes sold, and greater cross-sell opportunities.

Additionally, AtlasRTX enables home builders to:

  • Stop losing leads before they even make it to the CRM
  • Reach people who have “gone dark” on phone/email, before they buy elsewhere
  • Qualify interest level via direct feedback and not just opinion or gut feeling
  • Get real-time visibility on market conditions​, competitive offers, problems and performance across individuals, teams, communities, and divisions
  • Learn objections so you can remediate and/or cross sell

Describe the integration between AtlasRTX and Lasso CRM.

We are thrilled to offer a fully integrated, two-way connection with Lasso. Lasso registrants are sent to AtlasRTX, engaging them with our A.I. chatbots over text message to gauge interest and impressions in real-time. The resulting conversation occurring in AtlasRTX appears in the registrant’s history in Lasso, also in real-time, providing one comprehensive picture of the buyers’ engagement.

What are some of the successes you’ve seen with builders using chatbot technology?

  • Ensuring consistent communication and follow-up—with expected level of service, regardless of staffing and volume
  • Helping buyers make decisions in a timely fashion by putting information at their fingertips
  • Giving guidance on choices, cost, and timing implications—when buyers need
  • Always informing buyers what is going to happen next and roughly when—at all stages—to reduce anxiety
  • Facilitating successful move-in, responsiveness, and management of warranty requests—in real-time (loyalty, advocacy, and referrals)
  • Following up with past prospects that have gone dark to identify those still in the market and what they are looking for, as well as those that have bought elsewhere and where / why, increasing market awareness and reactivating buyers’ interest
  • Identifying real buyers faster and reducing time wasted on prospects that are not
  • Obtaining consistent metrics, e.g.: on the market and competition, demographic needs and wants, sales processes, features that resonate and don’t, floor plans and amenities that resonate and don’t
  • Shortening time from contact to contract
  • Increasing interest list quality, and 2-4x increases in attendance and pre-sales for grand openings and other events

Here’s how Lasso client Dunhill Homes is using the software:

At Dunhill Homes we are using AtlasRTX to accelerate engagement with our walk-in traffic to our model homes. By sending out a text message and asking  two quick questions after someone has visited, we gain insight into what their experience was like and the probability to purchase a new home. The best part is that the information is all captured right into Lasso! Our sales and management teams can view the text stream and log into Atlas within the Lasso platform. The integration of these two systems provides our sales team with honest feedback directly from our prospects that we never have been able to capture before! Since the integration between Lasso and AtlasRTX, it is safe to say that over 25% off our sales each month are a direct result of following up better, smarter, and more efficiently than ever.

– Chris Hartley, VP of Sales & Marketing, Dunhill Homes

Does a sales or marketing manager need to be familiar with AI technology in order to understand or leverage the platform?

Absolutely not! We aim to make emerging technologies like AI and automatic language detection and translation accessible for anyone to help solve marketing, sales, and other business challenges. All sales and marketing managers need to understand is the customer experience they want home buyers to have, and our platform leverages these tools and others for them to make it happen.

To learn more about AtlasRTX, watch this self-guided demo.

To get started building your own chatbot, check out AtlasRTX’s Chatbot Builder.

To learn more about Lasso, contact Sara Williams.

Want more information about AI chatbots in general? Watch the on-demand webinar below:

link to Webinar: Frenemies

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