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Lasso Guide: Creating Follow-Up Processes to Engage Home Buyer Prospects

Follow-Up Processes Made Easy

Home builders and developers with defined follow-up processes engage more prospects and have higher conversion ratios than those who don’t. But identifying and implementing processes isn’t always so easy.

In the recent Lasso Webinar, “The Modern Prospect’s Journey: Are You Keeping Up?”, Mike Lyon and Kevin Oakley pointed out that 64% of builders never emailed an online lead, and 91% never called – even when this information was provided by the prospect.

Follow-up processes that are triggered by criteria, like rating or source type, improve these numbers.

To help, we’ve created a simple guide that takes you through the ‘why’ and ‘how-to’ of creating a follow-up process. We also give you six sample processes, along with activities, to adjust and make your own.

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