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Creating mass emails is relatively easy and quick. However, creating an enticing, interesting email may take a bit more time. The competition is fierce out there when you think of all the emails that are sent each day. Chances are high that your list of Realtors/Brokers and new home purchasers are receiving multiple emails from different developments and projects. What will make them open your email over someone else’s? Before you hit the send button, review the following list and make sure you’ve checked everything off.

Spell check the body of the email as well as the subject line.
Make sure your images have titles (this way, the images don’t just appear as “x’s” when they arrive blocked in someone’s inbox . . . there’s text showing up.
Read and re-read the email – then send it to someone else to read and review.
How does the email look in the preview pane (can you still get the gist of the message?)
Review the design. Does the email look good? Sometimes a tough question to answer and perhaps you’re a bit biased but really look at the email critically – is there a good balance of text and images? Is it easy on the eyes – not too busy? Not too much text?
Have you chosen a familiar sender and an enticing, smart subject line? Here are the facts – recipients will look at the sender of the email to determine whether they delete an email and they will look at the subject line to determine whether they open the email. So, when you’re choosing a sender, select a familiar email address (consistency is good) and be creative and clever in your subject line.
Test your email! Don’t just rely on the preview mode of email creation. Actually send the email to a few different email addresses – setup up free accounts with Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! to test rendering. Emails delivered to Hotmail will look different from an email received by Gmail. Check how your images are displayed (or not displayed). Do your links work?
Post email strategy. Do you have a follow-up email planned and ready to go? Are you planning on calling all those Registrants who clicked on a specific link? Whatever the strategy is, make sure you have a plan prior to the email being sent.
And, finally, after the email has been sent, don’t forget to . . .
Review the Mass Mail Reporting – how do your stats compare to other emails? Is your open rate increasing or declining? Why? You want to learn from your experiences; it’s important to create metrics so you know what’s effective and what isn’t.


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