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The use of a CRM is important to the overall success of your company. After all, your CRM houses your most vital assets–your prospects and buyers. With so many features in Lasso CRM it’s essential that, as an agent, you’re taking full advantage of the system. Below are few tips that can help you use Lasso more efficiently and help you sell more homes!

1) Leverage Social Profiling & Website Analytics

Lifestyle is a big part of what’s important to potential buyers. Leveraging social profiling and website analytics are great ways to find out more information about a prospect than what they are telling you.

Once you’ve entered their email into the system, it will be matched to any social profile that is associated with that email. You can do further research into their interests by looking at their profiles on various social channels. If you do visit their profile, make sure to add notes into the system about what you find so you can build out your custom lists (see tip #2) using this additional information.

And don’t forget to leverage the website analytics! You can see how many times the prospects visited your website and which pages they visited.

TIP! For any information gathered through the social profiles and website analytics, use it as background so you can provide the buyer with more relevant insights about how your project will fit with their lifestyle.

2) Use Custom Lists to personalize the way you look at your registrants

As a sales agent, it’s important to create your own prospect lists in Lasso. You can use the custom list functionality to build lists based on specific ratings, when they registered, questions & answers, etc. These lists can be saved and accessed on your Sales Center Home Page.

TIP! You can even build your lists based on notes that you enter. Just enter keywords (“loves dogs”, “live by the beach”, etc.) in the notes box and create a list based on this information. The more notes you enter about the prospect, the more personalized and relevant your interactions will be with them.

3) Get organized with Sales Processes & automated email activities

Organizing your day just got easier with Lasso CRM’s Sales Processes. You can set when you want to follow-up with a prospect and what type of activity you want to perform (call, email, video, text, whatever!). Trigger the process based on how they heard about your project, or start it manually. Using a sales process makes follow-up much easier–and allows you to be more consistent. Work with your marketing team to determine the right cadence and take advantage of the email automation.

TIP! Lasso CRM also makes it easy to manage your activities. Click on the widget to see your activities for today, tomorrow, or the next 7 days. Click activities to work through each lead individually or select all to perform an action on all registrants.

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