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Since the release of the Lasso CRM App for Zapier last year, customers can connect Lasso to potentially thousands of apps in the Zapier marketplace.

We spoke with Mark Stover, General Manager of Silverpoint Homes, to find out how they are using Zapier to connect Lasso to Pure Chat. (Pure Chat is live chat software added to your website that lets you communicate in real-time with your website visitors.)

Before using the connector, the process was tedious. Each chat was manually entered as a lead into Lasso—with someone having to enter the name, contact information, and set the sources each time. However, Mark estimated employees entered only 10–25% of chats into Lasso.

The Lasso CRM App for Zapier completely automated this process. All leads—and all their contact information—are now entered into Lasso. In addition, a link to the chat conversation is automatically entered as a History item so everyone accessing the registrant’s profile can see the initial conversation that took place.

Automating this process has been a big time saver. Before COVID-19, chat and emails accounted for approximately 1% of their web inquiries, the industry standard. Since the pandemic, Silverpoint saw their web inquiries double, with almost half of their leads coming from Pure Chat.

The set-up process was smooth. Mark was already familiar with Zapier, and his Lasso Client Director was there to help with any additional configuration issues.

With such a great experience in using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier with Pure Chat, Mark plans to create more Zaps in the future. Next up? Looking to use Zapier to automatically capture into Lasso the email leads they receive from the manufacturer.

Contact your Client Director for more information about using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier to automate your lead capture.

Not using Lasso yet? Contact us for a personalized demo to find out how Lasso integrates with a wide variety apps for new home sales and marketing.

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