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Lamar Smith Homes was looking to streamline processes for their Online Sales Counselor (OSC). When you’re managing hundreds of leads per month, you’re always finding ways to save time inputting each one into the CRM. And with the surge in leads since the pandemic, becoming more efficient in processing leads has only become more important.

Karla Tuten, owner of Tuten Creative and the Marketing Director for Lamar Smith Homes, decided using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier with CallRail to help make the prospect capture and follow-up process more efficient.

Automating the Process—Saving Time!

Before using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier to connect to CallRail, the OSC for Lamar Smith Homes had to manually input CallRail leads in Lasso and update them manually. However, the busier she gets, the less time she has to input homebuyer information as she hops from one call to another. This wasn’t a good use of her time and introduced the potential for data entry errors.

Having heard about Zapier in the past, Karla knew it could help automate lead capture for her OSC. When she heard about the Lasso CRM App for Zapier at the DoYouConvert Summit, she thought it was a great time to try it out.

Now instead of entering all contact information AND notes from a call, all of the lead information from CallRail and a history item with the recording is automatically captured into Lasso. Now the OSC can enter additional notes as needed, instead of manually inputting all information.

With up to 60% of their leads coming from CallRail, their OSC team can save up to 20 hours a month by using Zapier. Making this manual process to automatic saves at least 10 minutes per lead–time saved that can be spent on more productive activities!

“You’ve got to support your frontline! A well-designed process that balances personalization and automation will save your team hours and provide better customer service. CallRail and Zapier have enabled us to achieve and maintain that balance throughout this recent traffic increase.”

Karla Tuten

Lamar Smith Homes


Easy Set Up

Karla was able to create the Zaps by herself between Lasso and CallRail. She set up triggers to add contact information, link call recordings, auto-rate, and source information into Lasso once the call was completed or when a first-time text message is exchanged.

But using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier goes beyond CallRail for Lamar Smith Homes. With up to 60 form fills a month from their RFI requests and website widget, Karla also uses Zapier creates a bridge between a 3rd party app and Lasso. It automatically captures a lead, sends an email, rates it, and adds the source.

Once in the system, these leads are added to Lamar Smith Homes’ mailing list. This is another great time savings for their OSC, knowing that these leads will be nurtured so she can prioritize her time by taking care of more urgent leads first.

Contact your Client Director for more information about using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier to automate your lead capture.

Not using Lasso yet? Contact us for a personalized demo to find out how Lasso integrates with a wide variety apps for new home sales and marketing.

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