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Text, chat, email…there are so many different ways to connect with home buyers, it’s important to keep track of what’s working and what’s not. Recognizing this, we introduced the Lasso CRM App for Zapier to help our customers take advantage of the various communication apps in the market and efficiently capture their activity on the registrant’s profile.

We interviewed, Amanda Druschel, Sales & Marketing Manager with Infinity Custom Homes in Pennsylvania, about her use of Lasso CRM App for Zapier with Avochato, a texting platform. When she was looking for texting applications to assist her sales and marketing team, the only requirement was that it worked with Lasso!

How does the integration work?

After building a Custom List in Lasso, the registrant file is exported and then imported into Avochato. Registrants are tagged with a specific campaign name to keep track of the activity.

Once the text is sent, an Avochato History item is automatically created on the registrant profile via the Lasso CRM App for Zapier. The History item specifies that the text was sent (and it also captures what texts are received), and the actual text message is stored in Lasso for easy viewing. This helps Infinity Custom Homes keep track of conversions for all their mass texting profiles without any manual data entry.

It’s not texting OR email—but both.

For Infinity Custom Homes, texting is used as a complement to email, sending a mass text that includes a link back to their website and then repeating the message in an email that’s sent via the mass email editor in Lasso. This way they ensure that they reach their audience in multiple ways.

Amanda and team use Avochato to text prospects and REALTORS® about big company events like Grand Openings for a new community, new models, or new plans. In general, texting has resulted in more engagement with REALTORS® and have also been a useful way to send follow-up links to their recorded Zoom presentations.

In addition to larger events, Infinity Homes also uses Avochato on their directional signs. They create a sign that encourages homebuyers to text a word to an Avochato number. Homebuyers will get an automated response with a link to the website for the model home.

Infinity Custom Homes also sends texts via Avochato so prospects can RSVP for VIP Events. They also have set it up to automatically send the homebuyer follow-up questions.

By using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier to connect to Avochato, keeping track of text messages associated with prospects has never been easier!

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