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When we introduced the Lasso CRM App for Zapier last year, we were excited about the possibilities for our customers. This new app would mean that our customers could connect Lasso to potentially thousands of apps designed to automate workflows.

For Homes by Taber, the Lasso CRM App for Zapier has allowed them to transfer data automatically from CallRail into Lasso. (CallRail is an application that lets you track phone calls to find out which ads, keywords, and campaigns are producing valuable leads.)

Lindsay Haltom

Lindsay Haltom – Homes by Taber

Before using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier, it meant having to enter lead information into Lasso manually. Since campaigns used different tracking numbers, it required selecting the source and secondary source of the call for each new lead. If this information wasn’t entered when the lead was created, someone on the team had to enter the information after the fact.

Lindsay Haltom, Director of Marketing, had heard of Zapier before, so she knew the potential efficiencies the service could provide. With the help of their Lasso Client Director, they set up the connection so Homes by Taber could automate the process.

“Integrating CallRail into Lasso with Zapier has been a missing link that we definitely needed. From the management team, to the on-site sales team, and the online sales team, having these programs linked has seamlessly allowed us to save time and increase communication. This integration has allowed Homes by Taber to become much for efficient with how we are managing our call-in leads.”

Lindsay Haltom

Homes by Taber

Frankie Lewis - Lasso and CallRailWith the Lasso CRM App for Zapier, the hundreds of leads generated from the CallRail campaigns are captured directly into Lasso from CallRail without any manual intervention—freeing up everyone’s time to be more productive. The integration also automatically sets the necessary source fields for tracking the CallRail lead, so there is accurate tracking.

Lasso also captures a link to the recording of the call on the registrant profile, so anyone using Lasso can hear the call. This is also a great way for Sales Managers to provide feedback and training.


Contact your Client Director for more information about using the Lasso CRM App for Zapier to automate your lead capture.

Not using Lasso yet? Contact us for a personalized demo to find out how Lasso integrates with a wide variety apps for new home sales and marketing.

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