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hot market line up

A CRM can help you automatically capture those who are ready to buy and nurture leads who aren’t quite ready.

One real estate developer used Lasso to manage their leads in a hot market and uncover those who were truly ready to buy. After engaging the Lasso Consulting team, they were able to sift through the thousands of requests to qualify people further and sell out their project in one day!

Here’s how they did it.


A developer in Ottawa had a series of lots for a very popular community. After sending out emails, they received tremendous interest—thousands had expressed interest in only 45 lots!

There was concern that people would show up for their event, but sales would not really be able to know who was just looking vs those who were ready to buy. How would they narrow down the list?


The Lasso consultant created an email with a link to Lasso’s SSRU functionality. An SSRU page provides a way for builders to ask prospects a series of questions and their answers will be automatically written back into Lasso.

To narrow down the potential prospects interested, a link to the SSRU was sent to their database asking questions about their intent to buy. Those who were further along in the buying process would be more likely to complete the survey.

Once the prospect completed the survey on the SSRU page, a history type would be created in Lasso that would trigger an auto-reply email sending the prospect further instructions about the event.

Create a custom list:

The real estate developer used the answers from the SSRU to create a priority list. Using the Custom List feature in Lasso, they built a list of those who answered yes to the “Will be Purchasing” question on the survey.

The developer now had a manageable group of 250 people who had the intent to buy from an original list of 20,000 emails. The survey meant their sales team *knew* who was interested and could focus on this group.

The result: all units were sold out in the first day!

Careful planning of the process, developing the right questions, and crafting the right message helped this developer leverage Lasso to filter a list and sell out the project fast.


If you would like more information on how Lasso consulting can help you, contact us to get started.

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