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I was asked recently by a customer to help them evaluate their business and see where they can make improvements. They knew their sales team was not using Lasso to its full potential, and the company wanted to ensure their team had a clear path to improvement and continued growth.

While it would be nice to run your business in cruise control and feel that you have everything set, in order to keep up with the market you can’t. The status quo isn’t an option. You need to be constantly looking to make changes—some big and some small—that will improve the way you do things.

Performing an audit is a great way for you to evaluate how well their team is managing the buyer through their journey and figure out what improvements can be made. Below is a short checklist to help you get started on your own evaluation.

Research: Can home buyers easily find what they are looking for?

Your website is going to be a key source of information about your communities. They may hear about you from friends, third-party sites, or social media, but ultimately, they should end up on your site and want to know more. Buyers are used to having all the information they need at their fingertips, so you need to ensure you’re giving them the details they need to take the next step. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

Is the information up to date?

  • Is the information on your communities easy to obtain?
  • Is there a clear CTA on the home page?
  • Is contact information easy to find?
  • Does the buyer have all the information they need about your community? (Lot availability etc.)

Inquiry: How are you handling initial lead management?

Once the buyer has done enough research, the next phase is reaching out to a live person, via phone or chat. So, the big question to ask yourself is how well is your team responding?

  • Do you have an OSC to handle these online inquiries?
  • Are auto reply emails set up properly?
  • How fast is your team following up?

During the Sale: How well is your team following up?

Once they’ve made initial contact with you and spoken with your OSC, you need to understand how your team is following up with these potential buyers.

  • Are they using ratings to assist with prioritizing prospects?
  • Are they leveraging sales processes to organize their day and follow-up effectively?
  • Are they entering the items correctly in their CRM for easier tracking and management of prospect information?

Post-Sale: Are you connecting with your customers like you should?

After your sales team has helped convert the prospect to a buyer, it doesn’t stop there. We all know that customer satisfaction is important and critical to your reputation. You need to make sure that these processes are also in place and your system is working for you.

  • Is your team following up with the buyer after the sale?
  • Do you have post-sale follow up processes set up in your CRM?
  • Are you conducting surveys to find out if buyers had a good experience?

Marketing: Is your team supporting the buyer throughout their journey?

Marketing impacts all phases of the journey from research to close, so you need to evaluate how your marketing team is impacting each stage.

  • Is your branding consistent across all your channels and lead sources?
  • Are you in regular contact with your prospects and buyers?
  • Is your marketing team leveraging automated emails to assist with the sales follow-up?
  • What kind of metrics is your team using to evaluate campaigns?

Getting Value from Your CRM

Making sure you have the right processes in place is a great foundation to make sure your systems are working for you. An audit ensures that not only are your processes on the right track, it also helps you understand how your team is leveraging the systems they use.

  • Is your team logging in every day or just some of the time?
  • Is your company using all the available tech integrations to make your team’s job easier?
  • Are you working with industry partners to give your team the support they need?

This is just a short checklist of questions you can use to get started. Want to take a deeper dive into your sales and marketing processes? Contact us to find out more.

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