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Buying the Experience

Join real estate sales expert Jeff Shore for his all-new real estate sales training webinar and workshop!

Most real estate companies train salespeople how to farm leads and take an “up.” But when it comes to engaging emotionally with buyers, salespeople merely learn to survive. Jeff Shore argues that sales agents can thrive by building an emotionally charged and experience-based path to the sale.

In this inspiring and groundbreaking approach to real estate sales, Jeff teaches you:

  • Why you need to focus on the customer first and the home second
  • How to create unforgettable emotional experiences for buyers
  • How to perfect five powerful secrets for personalizing every home
  • How to accelerate the sale using the art of “emotional endorsement”

Watch the trailer below:

October 13 at 9 a.m. Pacific/12 p.m. Eastern

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WORKSHOPS: Calgary, AB Canada October 21 | Edmonton, AB Canada October 22

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Lasso is proud to host this webinar and sponsor the Canada workshops!

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