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We’re excited to partner with Shore Consulting once again for the Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Summit 2020.. Join us for this two-day virtual event on July 16 & 17! This will be a full-scale, interactive experience streaming from their Nashville production studio.

As we all have seen these past few months, the sales game is changing rapidly—and not all of those changes are temporary.

What are we doing NOW to get our salespeople prepared for what comes next? What skills are we developing to help new customers who are glad to finally be out of their homes and anxious to buy new ones? And how can you be an effective and inspiring sales leader to salespeople who are more than a little distracted right now?

The Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Summit is designed to answer these questions. And it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve experienced before!

These sessions will equip you with new real-time, real-world strategies and techniques, connect you with an amazing network of peers to learn from and give you a roadmap that will not only carry you through the current storm, but also prepare you for what comes next.

For all the details visit to save your spot!

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