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Time to Update Your CRM SystemThis blog post originally appeared on

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become indispensible to a successful new home sales and marketing program. Homebuilder CRM is not only a tool to capture and convert online leads, but also to nurture walk-in prospects throughout the buying cycle.

Despite its impact on profitability, many builders and developers aren’t using CRM to its full capacity, or aren’t satisfied with the systems they have. If this is the case, we suggest an extensive review of your current system to determine the reasons for dissatisfaction or misuse. A good starting place is the Lasso whitepaper, 7 Steps to Rapid CRM Success: CRM Deployment Guide for Homebuilders.

If you find that you’re not pleased with your system because proven sales processes aren’t being implemented or followed by your sales team, a fresh training approach may be in order. There are, however, other indications that it’s time to update your software, including:

  • It doesn’t support current marketing and sales techniques
  • It’s not customizable for the new home industry or your market
  • It doesn’t offer data analysis
  • The user interface is frustrating or complicated
  • It lacks an email marketing or inventory management function

These five components are critical for compiling and understanding prospect data that helps you sell more homes. If you have questions about whether or not it’s time to update your CRM system, download Lasso’s CRM Health Check or Ask Angela.

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