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Lasso CRM Sales Center Home Page

Lasso’s Sales Center Homepage has been redesigned!

Our new Sales Center Homepage is packed full of new, helpful features in a clean, user-friendly interface. What’s so great about it?

Activities– When adding activities from the Sales Center Homepage, you can open several Registrant profiles at once from the activities panel.

Appointments – Setting an appointment from the Sales Center will now send the Registrant a calendar invite and an appointment reminder text.

Registrant Lists – We’ve added two new built-in lists – Registrants added in the last 7 days and the last 30 days.

Mass Mail – Filter by Email Activities or Mass Mail with access to unopened, opened and failed lists.

Other Improvements Include:

  • Streamlined and improved the display, navigation, making it easier to use
  • Better accessibility of the Dashboard on mobile devices
  • Easy view listing of past due and upcoming appointments has replaced the calendar
  • Now, directly from the Dashboard, you have the ability to add, edit, complete, or cancel appointments, complete or reschedule activities, and open, select, and page through registrants to complete activities
  • Using “Send Now” for email activities sent from the Dashboard will now track ‘links and opens’ just like the existing mass mail feature

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