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The Lasso Blog

Lasso Blog AnnouncementWelcome to our blog. It seems there are a myriad of blogs everywhere today. Some I read and think “that was great”. Good value. I even tell other people (viral marketing at work). Some blogs I read and say why did I that read? And unsubscribe!

A blog for me is like reading anything else; it needs to inform and add some value (or least make me smile). So  first, let's tell you what the Lasso blog will not try to be:

  • Our blog won't try to tell you how to sell real estate (we eat, breathe and sleep technology for real estate, but we don't profess to be real estate sales or sales management gurus).
  • Our blog won't try to offer you the hottest new development project or the best deal on the market. (Promise we won't try to sell you any real estate, but we may direct you to what we think is a good information portal).
  • We won't make this an advertisement for Lasso (if we can't provide you with a nugget or two of valuable information on every post chances are you likely won't come back).

What our blog will try to offer you:

  • We will offer you insights, thoughts and suggestions about how technology helps people and business be more successful in marketing, selling and customer service for new home real estate.
  • We will share with you some best practices and real life success stories on the subject.
  • We will direct you to some cool technologies that may not be household names, but may help you in your business or everyday life – check out Snagit! we think this simple product is neat – effective, easy and affordable.  Let us know what you think.
  • The blog will be a venue for Lasso users to give us feedback on how we are doing and to also input, rate and vote on new features and functions.
  • The blog will evolve to connect our users directly in forums so they can share the ‘how to's and success stories' in a community environment.

I really hope our blog will be useful for you and look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts and your suggestions to make it better.

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