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We know that over 75% of new home buyers are shopping around on the internet to find new homes and that now more than ever it's time to really focus on your web presence – blogging, press releases, Facebook, Twitter, and link-building – are all key in improving your position for keyword searches that consumers use on Google, Yahoo! and bing/MSN. Getting found is important! It's a bit daunting as to where to even begin.

Earlier this year, we wrote about Hubspot – a company that helps provide organizations with tools to assist with online marketing initiatives. They have created free grader tools that can provide you with some valuable information about your website, your Twitter profile, your blog and even your press releases (my favourite is the “gobbly-gook” grader that looks at meaningless words that we all use!) All good stuff when it comes to launching a new project site or evaluating an existing site. New Home Marketing and Sales has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Marketing approaches (and expenditures) that worked a few years ago just aren't getting the same impact today. It's clear to us that inbound marketing is the way to go in fact it has become strategic to homebuider marketing and sales success.

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