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The Lasso Blog

My role at Lasso is to provide useful topical information to new home marketing & sales professionals, so as I gather useful tips from webinars, blogs and articles, I will pass them along via our blog and hope you find them interesting and worthwhile.

Can you sell if you don't have an established process? Perhaps, but in today's competitive new home sales market there's more need than ever to manage, educate, follow-up, and nurture your leads to the goal of setting the appointment, then continuing to connect throughout the prospect's ‘buying process' to the eventual ultimate goal of the sale. Check out this short blog by industry consultant,Mike Lyon on setting an online sales process.

The 5-5-5 System is something that Jeff Shore prescribed in our March 25th Webinar: It's Likely Not a Traffic Problem. He also mentions this in one of his blogs for Builder Radio. He explains that it's easy to fall into the “email trap” where we rely on email as a sole communication medium. He suggests the 5-5-5 System of picking out 5 prospects, mailing them a hand written note or post card, and then following up with a call 5 days later – a nice personal touch. What do you think – is this a repeatable process you can implement?

Have you been thinking about how to use social media to your advantage in your online marketing program as part of your selling process? Carol Flammer of mRELEVANCE writes about the opportunities for increasing internet traffic and building relationships through taking advantage of social media outlets in her book Social Media for Home Builders. By the way, our next free webinar will be on May 20th and will feature Carol presenting the competitive advantages of blogging for new home builders and developers – Details to follow, so please save the date!

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