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GuildQualityAs a new home sales manager or executive, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve sales team performance – not only to increase profit margins, but also to develop confident, knowledgeable sales professionals.

One means of accomplishing this is to gather feedback from each homebuyer once the purchase is complete. This can prove difficult and time-consuming for the onsite sales team, especially when they should be focused on more immediate revenue-generating tasks. GuildQuality, the first web-based customer satisfaction surveying solution for the residential construction industry, makes the survey process easy and efficient.

Sample GuildQuality Survey

Sample Homeowner Survey

Because GuildQuality conducts surveys as an independent third party, homebuyers are more likely to give honest assessments of both the sales process and their new home. Sales and project managers can then use this information to refine their approach to customer satisfaction.

Homebuyer comments and reviews can be pushed out to a customized, keyword-rich profile page on GuildQuality’s website, as well as your own social media channels.

Lasso is proud to recommend GuildQuality as a trusted partner! Are you using GuildQuality and want to know how to export your data from Lasso?  Please contact

For more information on Guild Quality and their services, visit or read their FAQs page.

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