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Lasso Introduces Enhanced Email Marketing Reporting and Click-Through Tracking

We've all heard many times that relevancy is the key to email marketing success. Creating relevant email is important if you want to keep your prospects engaged and move them along the sales cycle. If you're constantly bombarding them with email messages that aren't important to them, not only will they disregard (and possibly unsubscribe altogether) but when you do finally send them something relevant, it may get disregarded as “another annoying email”. Lasso's email marketing functionality can now help you with further segmenting your lists by tracking your prospects' behaviour within an email.

For those of you familiar with Lasso, you'll know that unlike many CRM applications, Lasso has a standard built-in mass email marketing capability. In fact Lasso delivers over a million emails on behalf or our clients each month. Recognizing that targeted mass email is an important component for residential CRM marketing and sales strategies, Lasso has released enhanced click-through tracking for mass email. Within Lasso, you have always been able to see whether Registrants have opened an email, and now you can also track which links within the email were clicked.

We've also updated our Mass Mail Summary Report using some common industry-standard terminology as well as adding some useful reporting elements.

So what is an email Click-Through? A click-through happens when the recipient of a mass email clicks on a hyper link within that email. Each click that they make on a link, counts as a click-through. If someone clicks on the same link five times, it will show five click-throughs but only one unique click-through. The click-through rate is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks by the number of opened emails and multiplying by 100 to get a percentage.

The following are examples of how you can use the new click-through functionality:

Example 1 -An email is sent to a list of brokers with details about three different projects. 100 of the brokers click on the project in Hawaii. All the brokers who clicked on this project can now easily be sent another email specific to the Hawaii project.

Example 2 – An email was sent to a list of Registrants with links to the available project floorplans. Registrants can now be segmented into groups that correspond to the floorplan they clicked on and specific follow-up emails can be sent to the Registrants based on their preferences.

Example 3 – After you send out a mass mail announcing a new sales promotion, you can create an activity for your sales reps to conduct follow-up phone calls to all the Registrants who clicked on information about the new sales promotion.

Sending relevant emails to your lists of prospects is considered an email marketing best practice. Sending information about a project in Hawaii to prospects whose primary interest is skiing at Vale or Whistler may not do too much for your open rates; and, in fact, can reflect negatively on your reputation as ISPs track open rates and can mark email as junk if you continually send email that does not get opened. This new functionality allows you to further segment your lists as well as gain valuable insight as to what information is important to your prospects.

You'll see a few other changes on the Mass Mail Summary report. We've updated column headers to reflect email marketing standard terms and you're now able to see your delivery rate, open rate, failure rate and referral rate all as percentages. This is useful when comparing mass mail statistics from one campaign to another. In addition, you can now see how many registrants opted-out of each mass mail.

Using the 'personalize' feature in Lasso, you can customize the Mass Mail Summary report to show the columns that you want, in the order that you prefer.

For more information, refer to the Lasso Release Notes within Lasso. Do you have questions about this new functionality? Contact Lasso Client Support at

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