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New Mobile User Interface

This update is intended to provide you insight into our Product Strategy, especially as it relates to mobility and a new look user interface (UI) that’s going to make using Lasso dramatically easier to use and navigate. We also want to provide information on planned release time frames and how these changes will be rolled out to minimize disruption to our users.

Why make changes?

The Lasso changes underway are driven solely by our mission to help you better manage your leads and convert more prospects to homebuyers, easier and faster. Selling new homes has changed more in the last 5 years than the previous 50 and there’s no question that effective CRM use is now, more than ever, a game changer for builders, developers, and new home agencies.

What’s happening?

A few months ago, we updated you on some subtle changes to Lasso – a new login screen, new Home Page, and new Help Center. At the time, we mentioned more significant updates underway regarding mobility and a brand new look to the UI. Some benefits of the new UI:

Mobile without Compromise

  • Do everything on a smartphone or tablet that you could on a desktop or laptop
  • Responsive design adapts to your device screen size without compromising features or having to download an app
  • Quick Search is readily accessible to find and contact a prospect
  • To make a call from your smartphone, just click the number; email works the same way

Fresh New Look

  • New colors, a cleaner design, and more efficient layout have the most important profile items front and center and highly visible
  • A ‘contact card’ at the top of page displays contact information and rating
  • The menu moves with you as you progress down the page

Easy to Use

  • Make most updates directly on the Registrant Profile, with less keystrokes and without having to open a new window
  • Add Notes, update History, and perform other actions easier and faster
  • Use the new Quick Search feature to search for a Registrant, Project/Community, or your Role Type


We completed initial testing and feedback with a group of Lasso users during September. In the next week, we will release the new Registrant Profile, our most commonly used page, in Beta Preview Mode across our user community. Updates to the Sales Home Page and other pages are already scheduled, with official release of the new look Sales Center Module targeted for March 2015.

How am I impacted?

We encourage you to have a look and try the new UI right away – please try it on your smartphone or other devices. As it’s still a Beta Preview (some work in progress) you can always revert back to the existing UI at anytime until the official release next spring.

How can I provide feedback?

We’d love to get your comments on the new UI. To make it easy, there will be a feedback button displayed right on the Registrant Profile page – just click and add your comments while using Lasso.

We’ll be sure to provide more information in upcoming weeks. In the meantime, if you have questions, please email

Thank you!

The Lasso Team

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