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Search engine analyst, Jim Adams, recently presented the fourth webinar in Lasso's 2010 Homebuilder Webinar Series.

Entitled, What it Takes to Get Found Online, the 40-minute webinar is now available to view online and provides homebuilders and developers with a brief overview of why it's so important to be found online, how you can get found through search engine optimization (SEO), and where you can get found.

76% of Americans are online; and, we've heard over and over that 90% of new home buyers are starting their search online. We are living in an internet culture which has completely changed how we do business. With over 50 billion web pages, finding your site is like finding a needle in a haystack. Many homebuilders and developers hire website developers to look after search engine optimization; however, it's important to have some SEO knowledge to ensure you're on the right track. The webinar will provide real estate professionals with a good understanding of what's needed to improve your online presence.

View this recording, along with previous webinars that feature Mike Lyon, Jeff Shore, and Carol Flammer here.

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