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In case you’ve missed hearing about some of the new functionality and enhancements to Lasso CRM over the past 6 months, I thought I’d list off just a few highlights. Some items are big and some are small, but all of them were added to make our clients’ lives easier!

Mass Mail Scheduler

The Mass Mail Scheduler interface is one of the most recent additions to Lasso CRM. This feature lets you quickly schedule mass mailings without having to leave the mailing interface. Simply add the time and date you want to send your email and Lasso does the rest. You can also view, cancel, or reschedule mailings. Learn more.

Self-serve Integrations

Since we developed our API last year, we’ve created a number of pre-built integrations with our partners. This new functionality, now makes it easier for you to set up your own integrations. Just select from the list of integrations to get started! If you have internal IT resources and would like to develop a custom integration, you can select the Lasso Pro API. For further questions about integrations, reach out to your Client Director.

Purchaser Tracking

Keeping track of who your buyers are needs to be simple, but if you’re not using inventory or purchaser tracking software it can sometimes be a challenge. If the data in your system isn’t organized or buyers are incorrectly tagged as prospects, you may be sending promotional material to those who have already purchased a home from you! With the new Purchaser Tracking functionality we’ve made it easier for you to identify your purchasers…and it’s already included with your Lasso CRM subscription at no extra cost. Learn more.

Lasso Data Export Service

The Lasso Data Export Service has really helped a lot of our customers connect their data to their business intelligence (BI) reporting tools–Google Data Studio, Tableau, etc. By using the Lasso Data Export Service you can create reports that highlight the KPIs important to you–find out how fast your team responds to new registrants inquiring about your community, view traffic reports with custom drill-downs, or see how your ad spending is impacting the number of new leads you’re generating, etc. Learn more about the Lasso Data Export Service and embedding your Tableau reports directly into Lasso CRM.


Last, but certainly not least, our new Lasso CRM App for Zapier has offered our clients a great way to connect Lasso CRM to a number of their systems that they use every day. CallRail, LiveChat, and Facebook Ad Leads are just a few of the solutions you can connect to. And we’ll be coming out with Zapier templates in the near future that will make it even easier to sync data between Lasso and your other systems. Learn more.

It’s been a pretty busy first-half of the year for our development team…and things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. We have some exciting new functionality coming soon so stay tuned!

We’re always looking for feedback on what we can do to make Lasso CRM even easier to use. Let us know in the comments below or reach out to your Client Director.

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