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Almost every developer is in varying stages of trying to leverage ‘inbound internet marketing' — getting quality traffic to your website — via that sometimes confusing and complex combination of website search optimization (SEO), blogging and social media. In their quest to get found by quality leads, many builders use disparate approaches to each and regularly spend substantially on external expert agencies; with varying degrees of success, but much too often with mixed or little concrete results.

Enter HubSpot.

In short, HubSpot offers:

  • A very informative website, sort of like Inbound Marketing 101, that provides clear and easy to understand information and white papers about internet marketing. For both the novice and the more sophisticated.
  • website and keyword grader that quickly evaluates your company or project website.
  • Search optimization, that can be done internally by marketing (no techie required), that focuses on driving traffic & leads organically more than by paid search techniques.
  • blog format that is easy to get going (please note the functionality for community forums is limited).
  • A framework that comes with valuable advice for effectively participating in social media.
  • At Lasso, we use HubSpot and have found their knowledge and advice helpful, friendly and prompt.

Taking 15-20 minutes to visit their website should be a most rewarding experience. And please let us know what you think.

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