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How to Use Lasso CRM's Website Analytics

The online environment has become an indisputable factor in selling new homes. One hundred percent of today’s buyers are influenced by the internet, with over 92 percent conducting home searches on the web. With proper follow-up, 25 percent of online leads can convert to contract. That means three things:

1. You need a planned, targeted online marketing strategy.

2. Your website needs to be optimized for online inquiries.

3. You need a way to track, analyze and nurture online leads.

Lasso offers plenty of educational resources to help with the first two points, but a major strength of our software is executing the third point. Lasso enables builders to see which websites their online leads are coming from, and which pages on the builder’s website they are visiting. Plus, every time a lead re-visits the website, the assigned salesperson will receive a real-time email alert. Equipped with this information, Online Sales Counselors can tailor their communication strategy to provide leads with information that’s most timely and relevant to their home search. The research is done for you; there’s no wasted time.

Here is some of the data that’s tracked with Lasso’s Website Analytics:

  • Top Pages shows the top three pages that were clicked on the most.
  • Weekly Traffic gives you a look at the number of Visits, Return Visits, and Registrations in a given week.
  • Top Referrers displays the sites that visitors have come from most often.
  • Page Views displays the Page URLs and Page Titles that were clicked on along with the number of times that each page was viewed.
  • Traffic shows the visit dates as well as the number of New Visitors, Return Visitors, Total Page Views, Average Page Views, and Registrations.
  • Referrers shows you the sites that visitors have come from, including Referrer Name, Referrer Type, and number of Visitors and Registrations along with their Conversion Rate.
  • Keywords displays the words that were typed in the Search field and the number of times each was entered.

Data can be exported into easy-to-read reports that allow managers to see overall trends, such as if Organic or Paid search is most effective.


Here an example of a Website Analytics overview:

Lasso CRM website analytics

Commonly asked questions about Lasso’s Website Analytics include:

Q: Can’t I find the same information in Google Analytics?

A: No. Lasso goes a step beyond Google Analytics to track lead activity on your website as it’s happening, and send real-time notifications so you don’t miss a follow-up opportunity.

Q: Will registrants be offended if they know I’m watching their online activity?

A: We suggest you speak to your sales manager about the best way to follow up with registrants when they are live on your site. We provide the information; how you use it is dictated by your sales philosophy.

Q: How do I install Website Analytics?

A: There is a website tracking code that your web developer will need to add to the website. Your Client Director can work with you and your web developer to make this process quick and seamless.


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