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Lasso email marketing tipCreating an email that captures your audience’s attention and prompts engagement can be tricky business. There are many variables to consider – an opted-in email list, catchy subject lines, and sending from the right email address are just a few. Once a recipient actually opens your email (congrats!), you want to impress them with a clean, appealing layout that encourages them to keep reading. One way to accomplish this is with the use of images.

Unless you are a graphic designer or web developer, formatting images within email templates can be a bit of a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions for formatting and uploading images to your Lasso email templates.

Step 1: Select Your Image

Most builders and developers have their own portfolio of professional images to choose from. If you need stock images, try Google Images, or

Step 2: Save Your Image

Be sure to save the image in a place on your computer that you’ll remember, like your Desktop or in the “My Images” folder.

Step 3: Format Your Image

Lasso offers photo-editing options within the application, but it’s good practice to format your images in advance. Generally, images should not exceed 600 pixels wide in an email template. This is so that the image renders properly in all inboxes, and no side-to-side scrolling is necessary. When opening an image using your computer’s default Preview application, there should be an option to resize the photo. You can also use programs like Snag It (Windows or Mac), Snipping Tool (Windows), PowerPoint or Photoshop.  Once you have resized the image to the desired pixels, save it.

Step 4: Upload Image to Lasso Email Templates

Once you are logged into your project in Lasso, go to Marketing > Templates and either select a New Template or choose from the Template Library.

Lasso email template

 Once in the Email Template, select the Insert Image icon, then Upload.

Lasso email template

Lasso email template

From here, browse for the image that you’ve saved on your computer (see Step 2), select it, and upload it. A pop-up will appear indicating that your upload was successful.

Now, it’s time to select your image from the available images in Lasso, and add it to your template. Simply locate the image, click on it, and it will be added to your email template.

Lasso email template

Once you’ve added the image to the email template, if you want to adjust the size further, simply click on the image and drag the corners to the desired size.

Lasso email template

 Now you are ready to complete your email template!

For more tips on creating and implementing successful email campaigns, download the complimentary Lasso white paper, Cut Through the Clutter: How to Create an Awesome Marketing Email.

If you have further questions about uploading images or formatting emails, please contact a Lasso Support team member at or 1.866.995.2776.

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