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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for new home sales is a highly effective tool to implement and keep track of your sales processes, but many ask the question: How do I create a sales process in the first place? While it’s easy to send a “Just touching base” email several times in a row, that isn’t effective for a few reasons: 1) there is no personal, relevant message (so what good is it to the prospect?), and 2) it’s just not that creative (if they didn’t open it the first time, what will make them do so the second time?).

Here are some factors to consider when creating your own, customized sales process:

Target Audience

Tailor the types of messages to your audience. For example, if your buyers are young, busy professionals, they may respond better to an email-heavy follow-up process. That isn’t to say that phone calls should not be used (studies show that on average, it takes 5-7 different points of contact before a lead will respond). This audience may also be interested in following your social networks, or engaging with a mobile app you’ve created. Be sure to feed them this information throughout the follow-up process.

Local Market

What are market conditions like in your area? If it’s a particularly hot market, and new homes go under contract within a few days or weeks, you may want to reach out more frequently in the days immediately following an online or onsite visit. If the sales cycle is typically longer, be sure you are following up 14, 30, 60, even 90 days out with personalized messages, rather than broader marketing emails.


What resources or content do you have that your prospects would find useful or helpful? This could include floor plans, videos, neighborhood guides, or school district information. Depending on your prospects’ needs, interests and timing, send them this information throughout the follow-up process to peak their interest and position yourself as an authority.

Here’s a sample of an online lead follow-up process:

Date Activity Type Notes Theme
Immediate Email Auto-response Thank you for interest
Same Day (within 4 hrs) Email 1st Personal email – Immediate Thanks & introduction
Same Day (within 8hrs) Phone #1 Phone call – Immediate Intro & fast answers
Day 3 Email 2nd Personal email – Day 3 Project Highlights
Day 5 Phone #2 Phone call – Day 5 You’re busy, love to help
Day 7 Email 3rd email – template – Day 7 Variety of Plans & Options
Day 14 Email 4th email – template – Day 14 A couple of weeks ago
Day 21 Phone #3 Phone call – Day 20 Staying in touch
Day 30 Email 5th email – template – Day 30 About a month – f/u 90 days


Your own follow-up process may differ based on the above three criteria. If you need help creating a sales process, or implementing one in your CRM system, we can help!

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