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At Lasso, one of the responsibilities of our marketing team is to think about and determine the best way to communicate with our leads and prospects. These registrants are in our database because they either viewed our online demo, subscribed to our quarterly newsletter, registered for a webinar or have expressed interest in home builder CRM. You might be thinking, “What's the big deal? If they subscribed for information, then they probably want to hear from you!”

Before we can nurture these leads, we need to re-engage with them and see if they still want to stay in touch. Some might want more specific information about Lasso CRM. Some might want to receive our quarterly newsletters and invitations to our webinars. And then there are some that may have moved on and want to opt-out.

It's not about having the largest database of contacts. Our goal is to have the most up-to-date database where we are actively communicating with people who actually want to hear from us.

For example, to find out about their communication preferences and how we could better serve them, we enthusiastically (I love email marketing!) began working on an email marketing campaign. We sent out an email inviting each person to update their contact preferences, using our SSRU feature in Lasso. The Self Service Registrant Update (SSRU) is an advanced feature in Lasso where you can gather up-to-date contact information and confirm the interest level of your registrants. Using a combination of email marketing, sending personal follow-up emails along with making contact via telephone, we are able to sort our registrants into the following groups:

  • Those that wanted more specific information about Lasso CRM. We made a note of this in Lasso and assigned these people to our Sales team.
  • Those that didn't have an immediate need for Lasso CRM, but might be interested in the future. We set up an activity in Lasso to follow up with them in the next 6-8 weeks.
  • Those that wanted to receive our quarterly newsletter and invitations to our sales & marketing webinars. We updated their contact preferences using the SSRU function in Lasso.
  • Those that are no longer interested in receiving communication. Using Lasso, these people were opted-out and unsubscribed from our contact list.

Now, we did not receive a 100% response from all of our registrants. This is where we turn to our Mass Mail detail report in Lasso and the history information we manage for all of our registrants.

  • Check your open and delivery rates – why did some emails not reach our recipients?
  • Check for Duplicates – if both registrants are the same person, and then merge your duplicates to eliminate this issue in the future. If the email did not go through, attempt to send it again.
  • Check for Hard or Soft Bounced Emails.
  • Are there any complaints?
  • Has there been two-way communication within the past six months with the prospect?
  • Has the prospect visited our site and what website pages have they visited?

By doing all this work, we believe we improve how we communicate and the quality of communications with our prospects – plus we know how they would like to stay in touch with us.

This isn't a one-time exercise, it's something that we constantly have to work on. For example, we regularly request to those in our database to update their contact preferences. Taking a holistic approach to our marketing efforts and continually measuring the effectiveness of our campaign is critical to our success and helps build our database of engaged, interested prospects.

Check your CRM Health here.

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