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Handshake to close the dealOftentimes, onsite sales agents use CRM simply because their managers have asked them to so, without realizing it’s potential to help them earn more money. It’s not an outlandish statement. CRM that is custom-built for new home sales offers proven systems and processes to help sales people keep in touch with prospects, understand their activity and interests, and take the best approach to close the deal. Let’s look at some ways CRM can help you be a more successful agent.

Never Lose Track of Prospects

CRM is geared to help sales agents keep track of leads and prospects – from the very beginning of the sales cycle.  With Lasso, you are notified of new online leads the moment they sign up on the website, so you never miss or forget one. By assigning a sales process to each new lead, and adjusting the process appropriately as the lead moves along the sales cycle, you’ll never be at a loss about who to follow up with and what information is relevant to send.

Know What Your Prospects Want

Lasso offers a unique feature called Registrant Website Analytics. With it, sales agents are able to track how a registrant found your website, what pages they’ve viewed, and even when they return to the site. This equips you with valuable knowledge about what your prospects are interested in, and allows you to tailor your sales presentation and follow-up plans accordingly.

Understand Why You Lost a Sale

Says popular author Seth Godin about failure, “Failures that don’t kill us make us bolder, and teach us one more way that won’t work, while opening the door to things that might.” The only way to learn from failure is to understand what didn’t work. CRM provides powerful analytic and reporting tools that allow not just managers, but sales agents, to see what actions (or non-actions) may have resulted in a lost sale.

Use Your Time Wisely

CRM takes the guesswork out of follow-up and sales activities by automating processes. Daily reminders, document storage, email templates, and mass mail capabilities are examples of just a few of the features that keep sales agents on track and ahead of their work, freeing up time to focus on more immediate revenue-generating activities.

We’ve all heard the saying that “knowledge is power.” CRM proves this true by providing sales teams with critical knowledge about leads and prospects to allow sales agents to do their jobs better, and more efficiently. For more details on how Lasso CRM can help you or your sales team become even more successful, contact us today.

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