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A few weeks ago, homebuilder sales and marketing consultant, Mike Lyon and CEO, Jim Adams, held a “sold-out” webinar entitled – Craigslist for Home builders. This webinar is now available on-demand as a recording.

Did you know Craigslist has a staggering 664 million searches? If you didn't, you can now consider yourself educated on the numerical power of Craigslist. Most home builders have caught on to the growing social media trend by either allocating resources to Facebook and Twitter or making plans to do so due to their large numbers of consumers, but is Craigslist being ignored?

Craigslist is as important as Google when it comes to selling new homes. The real estate audience surfing the Craigslist wave is larger than many give credit. Home builders who want to sell their homes will not ignore the site that is captivating future home buyers.

In this free webinar you will learn how to utilize the following Craigslist power selling tools:

  • How to post attention getting ads
  • How to operate within the Craigslist Terms of Service
  • What days are the best to post
  • Subject lines that get you clicks

Sign-up to view the recording here.

jim_adams_get found

Upcoming Lasso Webinar: Jim Adams is the featured presenter at our next webinar on Thursday, June 24th.  Learn what it takes to get found online!

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