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Mike Lyon Webinar Q and A

If you missed the March 10 webinar with Mike Lyon, How Do You Stack Up?, there were a ton of great questions from the audience about online lead follow-up for home builders. We captured a few here, along with answers from both Mike and Kevin Oakley. Of course, these cover only a fraction of the discussion from the webinar. If you didn’t register, you can still watch the recorded webinar here.

Here were some questions from the audience:

Q: What is the max number of leads per month you have seen an Online Sales person effectively handle? 

A: An OSC really starts to cap out at 200-250 leads per month. Beyond that, customer service starts to wobble. Conversions to sale may not be as high as you would like.

Q: Please suggest how many follow-up calls or emails from the initial lead before you give up if no response from initial response.

A: The duration of your sales process and frequency of contact will vary based on your audience, market conditions, and resources you have available to share. Typically, you should have 5-7 points of contact over the course of 30 days, then the lead would go in to the monthly contact bucket. For suggestions on creating a sales process, see Lasso’s webinar, Keep It Simple, Creating a Sales Process that Works.

Q: I know that our lead rankings should be different than our onsite sales rankings, but what do you recommend as online lead rankings?

A: Until you speak to a lead in person, use a rating of N (or something that designates online lead not contacted.) Once you have spoken to them (or have had sufficient email exchanges) and have been able to qualify them, give them the same ranking as you would for an on-site contact. Their source type would remain “Online Lead,” so you’ll always be able to tell them apart from your onsite leads. Remember, your website is your virtual sales model.

Q: If a prospect submits a request for info outside of business hours, is it seen favorably to reply outside of business hours, or should we wait until morning?

A: If you can, a quick response letting them know you’ll touch base in the morning is always appreciated by the prospect. But you don’t have to worry about answering leads at 3 a.m.

Q: If you receive a generic inquiry that just has contact info, how can we make our response sound more personal?

A: To start, make sure your form has the appropriate fields so that you can give a personal response – first name, last name, which community they’re interested in, time frame for moving, etc. Then, make sure your emails don’t sound like ads or flyers. If you don’t have much information to work with, let them know what your role as an OSC is and how you can help, but that unfortunately you’re not sure what specific information they would like to know more about based on what they submitted.

Q: We live in the age of “wanting it now!” When you see how the internet has drastically changed the marketing and follow-up process of the modern day sale, how quickly do you find the consumer making up their mind of who they choose based on the sales person’s response time?

A: The first business to contact a lead is 238% more likely to convert that prospect to a customer. Speed matters!

Q: Getting a phone number seems to be a real game changer. What is the difference in conversion from phone numbers vs. no-phone number leads?

A: If you can get a prospect on the phone, we see conversion to appointment around 60% or higher.

Q: How do we explain our lead process to an onsite sales person, and their responsibility after the hand-off?

A: It’s critical that the online and onsite sales teams work together as a team. More information on this topic can be found in the Lasso guide: No Lead Lead Left Behind: Launching an Online Sales Program.

For more detailed answers, or an online sales program solution, please contact Mike and Kevin at Do You Convert. Also, be sure to check out all of Lasso’s webinars, guides and blog posts for more on online lead management.


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