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Holiday Marketing Tips for Home Builders

The holiday season is well underway! While some new home markets experience a slowdown in sales during the holidays, it’s actually a perfect time to market your communities. Consumers are paying attention to media of all forms, and while they may wait until after the New Year to make a purchase, your marketing can make a lasting impression now.

We’ve compiled five blog posts that can help you make the most of your holiday marketing efforts:


6 Reasons New Home Builders Should Advertise This Holiday Season

from Group Two Advertising:

As the year winds down and people get sucked into holiday frenzies, many builders decide to pack it in until spring. But we say this is a great time to advertise and get traffic into your communities.

Emotions Running High: Thematically, it’s a perfect time to tap into the emotional side of people. Blazing fireplaces, dining rooms full of relatives, cozy rooms with kids and dogs… Push all the buttons. Read more…


Top 6 Strategies for Optimizing Videos


Consumers are watching more videos than ever. If your company has not added video to its marketing mix, we can give you five trillion reasons why including video as a marketing tactic is a good idea! According to a recent survey by Ampere Analysis, Facebook is on track to deliver two trillion video views this year. YouTube will deliver three trillion views this year. Read more…


Online Marketing for Home Builders: Using Traditional Techniques on Modern Channels

from Builder Designs:

Many builders are still relying on a Google search ranking to drive business to their website. However, now that Google is changing how they rank sites in the search results, it’s becoming harder to rank well in a competitive market, especially for a smaller local builder. Read more…


Over 25 Ideas to Add Depth Consumers Are Looking For

from Do You Convert:

In a previous post (Is Your Website Too Shallow?)  I suggested that most home builder and developer websites don’t have the amount of relevant content that they should. There simply isn’t enough to satisfy the obsessed prospects visiting your site. In order to help you begin your own brainstorming process on what you can do to better serve your future online visitors, I’ve listed over 25 items to consider as a starting pointRead more…


10 Ideas to Jump Start Your Homebuilder Blog

from Lasso CRM:

You’ve heard blogging is a bid deal if you want to increase web traffic. But why? In a nutshell, Google’s (and other search engines’) algorithms give more weight to web pages that are constantly updated with relevant, informative material. The easiest way to do this is to blog frequently and regularly. Read more…


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