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Thanksgiving email templates

Holiday-themed templates in the Lasso Email Template Library

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to show the human side of your brand. Sending a note of good wishes to prospects casts a warm light on your business that might go unnoticed any other time of year. Below are some things to consider when creating a holiday email:


1) Know Your Purpose

Before you get started with your holiday email marketing, you need to establish the purpose of the message, and what you would like recipients to do when they receive your email. Whether it is a simple message to keep your brand top of mind, or if you’ve decided to build a special offer into a campaign, be sure your point is clear. Keeping your message clear and relevant at this time of year will keep them engaged while building and strengthening the bond to your brand.


2)  Have some Fun

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, or you’re ringing in the New Year, this is a time for celebration! Your email marketing should reflect this festive time. Opt for a holiday themed-template to help your brand stand out. Consider attractive headers and pixel perfect images to give your message a boost. If you’re feeling really ambitious, video remains a popular and effective trend in content marketing. You can attract new customers and keep existing clients engaged with a smart holiday video. Show your customers a fun side of your business that they might not normally get to see.


3)  Include a Call-to-Action Button

Instead of using linked text like click here for more information or visit our website for your calls-to-action, use hard-to-miss buttons. Large buttons command attention. If your subject line and email body do their jobs, your prospects are going to be ready to click a button before they even see it. Consider asking a question above the call-to-action to spark interest, and increase its conversion rates. A simple “Have you seen our newest model home?” right above a button with “VIEW IT NOW” will outperform a call-to-action without a question.

CTA in Holiday Email


4)  Say Thank You!

The holidays are a time of giving, so take the chance to put your regular business aside and thank your purchasers for choosing to be with you. It’s easy to get wrapped up in data and metrics, but we need to remember that behind every email address is an actual person who you have been interacting with. It’s a good idea to take a moment to show your appreciation, especially during the holiday season.

Lasso has created a small selection of Thanksgiving-themed templates to get you started. Clients can find them in our Template Library, where there’s something for everyone! Of course, you can make the templates your own by easily swapping headers and colors using our simple Design Editor.


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