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The 2015 NAR Real Estate in a Digital Age Report

The National Association of REALTORS® recently released the 2015 Real Estate in a Digital Age report. Most salespeople and marketers recognize that nearly all homebuyers today are online, but the report took a close how people are using technology. Here are some interesting statistics from the report:

The majority of homebuyers visited 10 homes in 10 weeks.


Armed with information from the Internet, home shoppers visit properties in rapid succession – and can make a decision quickly. This is where an automated follow-up process can mean the difference between a prospect and a contract. A sales process, triggered immediately, ensures your community stays top-of-mind, even when a prospect is visiting the competition.

The typical homebuyer is a Millennial (25-35 years old), and 95% of Millennials search for homes online.



These buyers are digitally savvy, and expect instant gratification when it comes to information and communication. This is where the integration of listing directories and website registration forms is critical, along with auto-reply emails followed quickly by personal outreach.

The most common communication technique used by REALTORS® is email.


According to this recent article from mRELEVANCE, email is still a powerful tool for marketers. In some markets, REALTORS® can bring up to 90 percent of qualified traffic. Targeted email campaigns to outside agents keep them informed of pricing and incentives, and facilitate strong relationships.

One of the biggest challenges real estate firms face is keeping up with technology.


An effective CRM, properly implemented and used daily, can increase a homebuilder’s conversions up to 316 percent, according to the team.


For more information on how CRM can help you keep pace with today’s digital home shopper, contact us for a free demo.

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