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Highlights of the Zillow Webinar with Lasso CRM

Update on the housing market today, and where we’re headed in 2018

Lasso recently hosted a webinar with Zillow Group on the state of the housing market in the U.S., and where it’s headed in 2018. Dr. Skylar Olsen, Zillow Group’s Senior Economist, presented a wealth of economic and housing data in bite-sized, easily understood bits. There were interesting and positive housing market trends, such as:

  • Home values across the country are the highest they’ve ever been.
  • There is strong, sustained growth in multiple markets.
  • Younger Americans do want to buy homes, they’re just doing it later in life.

“34% of Americans 18-34 yrs think owning a home is necessary to the American Dream. #LassoWebinar”


She also focused on new construction stats, including:

  • The rate of sale of new homes
  • New home sale price vs. resale home price
  • The impact of the rental market on new construction
  • 1st time buyer demographics

“As the housing market ages, consumers are willing to pay more for new construction. #LassoWebinar”


Here are a few highlights from her discussion on forecast and affordability:

“Home values are expected to slow next year, but remain healthy in most areas. #LassoWebinar”

“Buying is still more affordable than renting, but there are barriers to home ownership. #LassoWebinar”


If you’re interested in the complete picture of today’s housing marketing and what to expect in 2018, watch the webinar, Economic Outlook: Where the Housing Market is Headed. You’ll have access to both the recording and presentation slides.

If you have any questions about the presentation, or want to get in touch with Zillow Group to explore more data, drop us a line at


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