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CRM helps new home sales teams effectively manage daily tasks and reminders.

How to Increase CRM Adoption

CRM is primarily a tool to help sales team become more efficient, productive and successful. While there are terrific secondary benefits, like reporting and website analytics, “customer relationship” literally (and figuratively) comes first in CRM.

Despite this, one of the most commonly-raised objections by sales managers is, “My team won’t use CRM.”  Lasso’s Director of Sales, Sara Williams, has heard it often. Her advice to overcome it? Start with management.

In her recently published LinkedIn article, “HELP! My Sales Team Won’t Use CRM,” Sara lays out a few ways managers can help sales people become more proficient with CRM, so that they can reap the benefits of increased organization and automation. From getting agents comfortable with smart devices to debunking the myth of CRM as “big brother,” Sara gives practical advice for managers to get the buy-in from their team.

Read the full LinkedIn article here.

Have you been successful with CRM adoption? Share your tips in the comments below!

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