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Have you figured out how to go beyond just staying in the game to really winning in these turbulent times?

Lasso’s upcoming complimentary webinar on September 21stCRACK the code to +30% Close Ratios .. . Guaranteed! – will feature new home sales and marketing authorities, Myers Barnes and Mike Lyon.

We have asked Myers and Mike to present this one-time webinar where they will deliver a roadmap to success that is achieving 30% (and higher) close rates for homebuilders across North America.

They will demonstrate how to make the successful connection between online marketing to onsite sales with a proven formula that is not only pragmatic and 'doable', their combination of people, process and technology delivers proven results. Time after time!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successful integration between online & offline sales
  • Role of the Online Sales Counselor
  • The transition to the Sales Team
  • Define the lead follow-up process
  • Master a paint-by-numbers sales process
  • Double your conversion ratios

For more information and to register, click here.

Lasso holds educational webinars every 4-6 weeks. View our past webinars, featuring Mike LyonJeff ShoreJim Adams and Carol Flammer here.

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