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OSC Webinar Q&A

Last week, Lasso hosted a live panel discussion on growing an online sales team for a home builder or developer. Our panelists shared 40 minutes of advice, tips and personal growth stories. There were a few questions we weren’t able to answer live on the webinar, so we’ve created a blog post to address them.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the live discussion, you can download the recording now.


Q & A

1) How many leads does each Online Sales Counselor (OSC) manage at one given time?

For all three of our panelists, the answers ranged from 150-200 leads per OSC.


2) How do you occupy slower hours/days? How many leads per day must you get to justify having a full-time OSC?

Answer from Doug Whitford (M/I Homes): The first rule in slower times is follow up, follow up, follow up. This is a great time to hit aging leads that haven’t responded if you do not have a routine in place. If the OSC is doing all of the necessary follow-up, they should audit the website to make sure the customer experience is the best it can be. After all, the website is the sales office of the OSC just as the model center in a community is the sales office for onsite agents. As for leads, I think that is a personal choice. You want every lead to be answered promptly and properly. So the argument could be that if you get one lead a day you should have an OSC. In reality, I like to target 100-150 leads per month to justify an OSC.


3) Does one OSC stay with a customer for their entire sales journey, or do you pass customers off to other sales team members?

Cori Masters (Royal Oaks Homes) and her team member have established the following rules:

  • Teammate #1 has initial contact with a prospect and establishes a relationship, meaning the prospect has responded, sets an appointment, etc. If that prospect goes cold and calls back a year later, and Teammate #2 takes the call and sets an appointment, Teammate #1 still gets credit.
  • A prospect signs up on the website, and Teammate #1 tries to initiate contact, but is unsuccessful. If that prospect calls back a year later and Teammate #2 takes the call and sets the appointment, Teammate #2 gets credit.


4) Do most OSC’s work from the office or home?

It varies based on the individual situation of the builder and the OSC. Many OSCs enjoy a mix of working from both home and office. Some work primarily from home and visit communities frequently to meet with onsite agents and stay up-to-date with the latest home information. Site visits are also important for taking photos and video.


5) What is your favorite source for leads?

Anna Hoffpauir (CBH Homes): Website, Live Chat, incoming phone calls

Doug Whitford (M/I Homes): Website, Zillow

Cori Masters (Royal Oaks Homes): Website


We hope this information is helpful! No matter where you are in the process of establishing or growing your online sales team, Lasso has the resources to help. Here are a few:

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Still have questions? Contact Lasso’s Director of Sales, Sara Williams, at She’ll point you in the right direction!

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