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There’s definitely a difference between the two – we have all received good engaging, relevant email and we’ve all received the bad email with little or no relevance. The good email we read and the bad email we either unsubscribe (possibly) or mark as junk (likely).

Seth Godin, one of our favorite marketing professionals, recently posted an article to his blog about email campaigns and permission email marketing. We think his views are spot on.

He refers to receiving great, relevant email that he has signed up to receive and anticipates receiving. Alternatively, he receives email on a daily basis from companies that he’s never done business with personally or professionally – there’s no connection.

Sending email to non-subscribed people does not build brand, it does the opposite. Earning permission is a long-term, profitable scalable strategy that pays for itself.

For the complete post, visit Seth’s blog – Email campaign case studies (one good, one bad)

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