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Getting Your Sales Team to Use CRMFor many new home sales agents, populating a CRM system with prospect data isn’t the most exciting task. Many sales pros are extraverts who would much rather have a face-to-face conversation than enter information into a computer. In some cases, agents will hold registration cards for several days at a time before inputting data, instead of as communication happens.

While it’s great they are using CRM in the first place, proper use can actually help sales agents become more productive and sell more homes. This is because CRM is meant to go well beyond basic contact management.  When used correctly, it takes customer data, preferences, interactions, and engagement and presents a clear picture of where that customer is in the sales cycle. Going a step further, CRM automates the processes necessary to nurture the relationship from prospect to purchaser, and from contract to close.

This can only be accomplished through frequent, daily, complete use CRM. Here are some ways to get your sales team on board:

Keep a CRM window open at all times

When sales agents arrive to work in the morning, ask that they log in to your CRM system, and keep the window open all day. As customer interactions happen and they return to their desks, the open window will serve as a reminder to record the details.

Use the CRM email application

Encouraging sales representatives to use their community-branded emails within the CRM platform will create a seamless work experience. There’s no need to toggle back and forth between CRM and email.

Look up each prospect before doing anything else

Whenever a prospect walks in the door, the sale agent should ask their name and if they’ve ever visited the community before. Even if the answer is no, it’s good practice to look up the name in the database to make sure. There could be a history of notes, preferences and information already saved that would offer insight to the sales agent.

Discourage internal emails containing customer info

All customer info should be added immediately to the CRM system so it is centrally located. Sales agents, managers and office coordinators have access to the information they need 24/7.

Encourage use of technology

If sales agents are adept at using tablets or smart phones, encourage their use. Most CRM’s are mobile-devise friendly and can accommodate quick data entry on the go or during a sales presentation.

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