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Getting Useful Data from Your CRM SystemWe’ve heard the saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” It has numerous applications, but is especially true of CRM systems. Having a CRM that’s been implemented according to your specific business needs can save your sales team time and increase your profits, but only if information is entered consistently and accurately.

When it comes to online leads, much of the grunt work is done for you. In the case of Lasso, leads from your website and listing directories are instantly imported in the database, and you can set up an automated sales process with tasks and reminders. But once you’ve got an engaged prospect, it’s critical to record as much detailed information as possible in order to help you win the sale.

Here are the types of useful data that can be pulled from your CRM database that will facilitate your sales and marketing processes.

Lists Sorted by Criteria

This is immensely helpful for targeted marketing. You can pull lists with very specific criteria – such as all A and B prospects who visited the sales center in the last three months who had a home to sell – and create a marketing campaign speaking directly to their needs.

Activity Reports

In an easy-to-read format, view the last date and type of communication to figure out next steps of the sales process (or if your process needs to be adjusted due to lack of response/engagement).

Mass Mail Summary

Understand the types of emails that have the most traction. Know who has opened your email, which links they’re clicking on, the subjects that prompt action, and to whom to send follow-up emails.

Registrant Traffic

Home buying is increasingly moving to an online experience, but we know that walk-in traffic is gold. Understand the demographics of who’s coming into your sales center, where they’re coming from, and what their interests/timing/needs are.

Website Analytics

Receive real-time notifications when a prospect is on your website, see which pages they’re visiting, and use that information for extremely targeted and relevant follow-up. This is also a great tool to evaluate which pages are performing best with your target audience.

Prospect/Purchaser Analysis

Understand the prospect characteristics and trends that lead to “purchaser” status.


Don’t underestimate the power of REALTOR® relationships! Know which outside agents bring in the most qualified prospects and purchasers and show your appreciation!


This information can only be extracted from your CRM if the data is entered systematically and completely. It may seem like a lot, but it’s really about thorough follow-through. Once your sales team sees the value of these types of analytics, and understands that knowledge equals sales power, entering data will become second nature.

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