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Dart hitting bullseyeDuring the recent Lasso webinar with online marketing expert Mike Lyon, Mike said something that really stuck with me. He was discussing how to create and implement a successful online lead follow-up process when he said, “CRM is the process.” In other words, using your CRM system effectively is the best way to follow up with leads and prospects, and ultimately close deals.

So how do you use your CRM effectively? It’s not enough to know it’s there in case you need it – it has to be used properly, on a daily basis, in order to help you reach your goals.  Mike hit the nail on the head when he said, “Your system is only as powerful as the information you put in, and the people who use it.” So let’s look at some ways to get the most out of your CRM system.

Implementation: The system has to work for the way your organization works. That could mean changing terminology, adding custom fields, adjusting the dates sales reports are generated, or making sure existing contacts are uploaded and grouped correctly. It’s best to discuss these items with your CRM client representative at the time of set-up to make sure your system is user-friendly and intuitive.

Do the work on the front end; Save time on the back end: We know sales people are extremely busy, but it only benefits them (and the company) when detailed information on prospects is promptly recorded and tracked. This not only allows sales and marketing reports to be generated on-demand, but more importantly, it will help sales agents remember details of their prospects and implement the appropriate follow-up process. If you’re not doing it, your competitor surely is.

Use an Administrator: It’s always best when at least one person in your organization (ideally the one who oversaw implementation) is the CRM administrator. This person will know the intricacies of your database, how to search for specific information, and can be a resource for sales agents and marketing teams.

Using CRM is not an option: Going back to Mike’s statement, it only works if it’s being actively used. Granted, every sales person is not a “database person.” But that doesn’t matter if they understand its importance to the company or community’s sales goals. Make CRM use mandatory. Provide ongoing training and support. Explain how having automated email campaigns, online lead capture, detailed prospect information, and reporting all in one place can help agents with individual success.

The benefits of using a home builder CRM system are numerous, but only when the system is implemented correctly, updated frequently, and used daily. You’ll see the difference in prospect engagement and appointment conversions, which are the pathways to sales.

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