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Year’s end is a busy time with builders and developers trying to meet existing sales goals and planning for the new year. Now is the time when we look back at our to-do lists to see if we accomplished what we wanted. If CRM was on your list for this year – or if it’s a goal for next year – now is the perfect time to take action. Here’s why it’s best to launch a new CRM program before the new year.


Start the new year strong

New year, new resolutions, new goals. Give your sales team the tools they need to hit the ground running in the new year and start strong! By January, sales agents have begun their mental preparation for the year. Set them up for success with a new, easy, effective CRM. If you wait until January 1st or after, you may not see the results of CRM until the second quarter or later.


Leverage the slower holiday season

The holidays typically slow things down in terms of web traffic and onsite visitors. This means your team will have time to get familiar with your new CRM system, testing out templates and sales processes. Work the kinks out now and be ready to go full speed with follow-up in the new year.


Attract and keep the best industry talent

More and more, top new home sales and marketing talent is demanding CRM systems that are customized for the home building industry. Lasso has earned a reputation as the #1 CRM for new home sales. If your new year’s goals include hiring and retaining the best talent, consider implementing your CRM now. An effective CRM system has become the PRIMARY tool that sales and marketing professionals need to do their jobs.


There’s no better time than now

It never seems like the right time to make a change in business. Your team will always be “too busy” to learn and implement a new system. However, if:

  • Your team is struggling to manage leads and connect with prospects
  • Your marketing department is using multiple systems to send emails and track lead sources
  • Your agents can’t easily schedule reminders and appointments

…then it’s time to bite the bullet and consider a new CRM system.

There’s no better time than the present to give your team a system that works, makes their jobs easier, and ultimately makes your business more profitable.

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