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I had a revelation today.  About follow up and sales culture – this following visits and discussions with several clients across North America in the last few months about sales and CRM, including chats with sales teams, online sales counselors, managers, and executives; and coupled with an insightful look into our own backyard.

My revelation(s):

  • Follow up starts at the top.  Speed, consistency, and process are not naturally habitual and it seldom, if ever, becomes cultural until driven by the leader.
  • No sales organization (or sales pro) is ever great without consistent professional follow up. Maybe good – never great!

There is no grey area on either of the above – either you have it or you don’t. With it you serve your prospects and customers better. Without it you don’t. The good news – follow up is not so much a skill as it is a behavior. It takes work – it takes passion, but it is the better road.

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