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5 Tips for CRM Adoption

As the person responsible for sourcing a new CRM system, you’ve done your research, found the solution that best fits your business needs, and made the initial investment. You’ve worked diligently alongside your client director to personalize the database to your exact specifications. Launch is imminent – you’re excited to see results! Your sales team? Not so much.

CRM adoption has gotten a bad rep. It conjures images of an evil manager pushing mundane data-entry down the throats of his sales team. The sales team rolls their eyes because their time could be better spent, well, selling.

The CRMs systems of today are different. Instead of just being a way for managers to keep tabs on their teams, CRM is now a tool that mainly benefits the sales team – and helps them sell.

How do you get salespeople onboard and comfortable with the idea of using a new CRM tool? We have a few suggestions:

#1: Get the buy-in.

Treat your sales team like a prospective buyer – your job is to close the deal! Get the team together, buy them breakfast, and explain why you’ve selected a new CRM system, ask for their feedback, and take their comments and questions into consideration.

#2: Demonstrate the benefits.

It’s proven that homebuilders with a CRM system follow up with leads more quickly and effectively, resulting in higher conversion rations and more sales. (See the 2014 Online Lead Follow-Up Survey.) Create a flyer with this type of information and give it to your sales team during the initial CRM meeting. Remember, you are selling to your own team!

#3: Train, train, train.

You’ve invested in a new CRM system; now invest in your team. The magic of CRM doesn’t happen unless every single salesperson is using it the way they should. Remember, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Check out Lasso’s training options here.

#4: Be flexible.

Once your team is using the system, check in with them regularly. Ask what’s working, what isn’t, what can be improved upon, what isn’t needed. Remember, this is a tool to make their jobs easier (more so than yours!) so that they sell more homes. Be open to their suggestions.

#5: Encourage the use of technology.

Many CRMs are built responsively. Lasso, for example, can be accessed on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – and the user experience is seamless. If it’s easier for a salesperson to take their tablet along on a presentation and record information, encourage it. Many builders and developers are even going paperless, getting rid of antiquated registration cards. The world is online – sales agents should be, too!

For more ideas on successfully implementing CRM, download the Lasso’s free e-guide: 7 Steps to Rapid CRM Implementation, or contact a Lasso team member.

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